St Hildas School

Children’s Mental Health Week

The school marked Children’s Mental Health Week this week with several activities.  

This year’s theme was ‘Find Your Brave’ and the girls were encouraged to think about some of the different ways in which they can be brave when trying new things or when working to overcome obstacles.  Our Form 6 girls took on a ‘brave challenge’ as they stepped outside of their comfort zones and attempted to navigate our Forest School area whilst blindfolded.  Although it was a tricky task their bravery and resilience helped them succeed.   

Both the staff and the girls also participated in the week’s special awareness initiative ‘Inside out Day’, where everyone was encouraged to wear an item of clothing inside out as a way to help people recognise that whilst someone may look okay on the outside, in fact they may be sad or worried on the inside.   This initiative was a real eye opener for the girls, and a good lesson for us all.   

Our weeklong activities also included learning about some brave and inspirational women from the past and the present as well as yoga sessions focusing on a positive mental attitude.

Promoting good mental health is something we focus on year-round with the girls and this week has served as a great reminder on the importance of having a healthy and positive emotional outlook.

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