St Hildas School

Upper School Sports Day

Upper School Sports Day was once again a rollercoaster of a day, from the races to the weather! The girls showed off their sporting prowess with pride, taking on a range of challenges
throughout the day. With their families cheering them on, the girls’ determination became clear as the competition narrowed with each event.

The day began with incredibly close 400m and 600m races in form groups. The girls performed excellently, supporting each other through each race and proudly earning points for their houses. These races were followed by individual events—vortex throw, standing long jump, ball, long jump and shot.

Further individual events took place following a short, well-earned break, and then it was on to the sprinting events—50m and 75m. The girls encouraged each other with deafening roars in support of their friends and houses, and all of the participants ran furiously, spurred on by the cheers from their classmates and families.

The girls enjoyed cupcakes at lunchtime iced with their house colours, using the short rainfall at lunchtime as an opportunity to cool down and rebuild their energy. The sun very quickly
reappeared, and so did the girls’ adrenaline, as they threw themselves into the second part of the day.

Individual events continued straight after lunch, followed by the relay races to bring the event to a close. The girls were on fine form and persevered around the expansive track, giving all of their effort and skills in pursuit of victory for their houses. After the scores from all the events had been tallied, Attlee were pronounced the winners.

Mrs Mackett commented, “There were many strong individual performances and special congratulations must go to the girls who earned the most points for their house from each form: Elle in Form 3, Andrea in Form 4, Aanya in Form 5 and Katie in Form 6. We were thrilled to see huge improvement from all the girls, particularly Annabel and Morayo in Form 3, Adaora and Thrisha in Form 4, Daisy and Kira in Form 5, and Ruby and Mia in Form 6. Well done!”


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