St Hildas School

Upper School Sports Day

After an overcast start to Upper School Sports Day, the weather soon heated up along with the competition. The sun blazed as the girls showed off their sporting prowess, taking part in a range of activities throughout the day. With nailbiting finishes, last-minute glories and some spectacular record-breaking performances, it was a rollercoaster of a day.

The event kicked off with a bang with 400m and 600m races in form groups. Full of energy and adrenaline, the girls performed amazingly, and encouraged each other with great enthusiasm. These races were followed by individual events—vortex throw, standing long jump, ball, long jump and shot.

After a short break to refuel, more individual events took place, and then it was on to the sprinting events—50m and 75m. Once again, there was a wonderfully positive atmosphere as the girls supported each other with some deafening screams and cheers!

The girls were treated to cupcakes at lunchtime iced with their house colours, and had a special visit from Her Majesty herself, when they had the opportunity to dress up and have their pictures taken. It was soon back to business, though, and the second half of the day was every bit as
thrilling as the first.

It was back to individual events straight after lunch, then on to the relay races to finish the day. The girls did not rest on their laurels and ran as fast as their legs could carry them in races which would have any professional athlete watching their back.

Mrs Mackett commented, “There were some excellent individual performances and the following girls broke school age group records; Andrea (Form 3) 50 metres, Katie (Form 5) 75 and 600 metres, Angelina (Form 6) shot, Evelyn (Form 6) vortex. The winners were Attlee amassing an amazing score of 160 points, Herkomer were second with 97 points, and Whitby were third with 72 points.”


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